December 2009

12 Drummers Drumming


Here’s an illustration I did for Comics Alliance’s 12 Days of Christmas blog series. Other folks at Periscope did really great pieces too- go give them a look!

A Day in the Life, Part 2 (Acorn Minutes)

Hotlanta explores the wonders of modern technology at Periscope Studio! Part two in the acorn warrior’s profile of Jonathan Case’s life and times. Viva la cintiq!

Also on Vimeo!

Peppermint Llamas


Another entry in the McMenamins cannon. This one was inspired in part by Dylan Meconis and her leg-warmered llama. Much like zeppelins, llamas are always useful!

Zero Dot Gain


A new piece for McMenamins, referencing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song ‘Zero’. I’m on a dot kick lately- trying some things out digitally, as below with the 40s noir project, and now with real world media, via the power of those rubber sheets you put in the cupboard to keep dishes from sliding around.

Why a blimp? Why NOT a blimp? Blimps are rad, and kind of eighties Blade Runner-y, which is very Yeah Yeah Yeahs to me. I have spoken!