April 2011

Painting Process

Here’s a little something I whipped up for a McMenamins event. A brief rundown of my painting process.

Comics Alliance Interview

Laura Hudson over at Comics Alliance was kind enough to interview me on my experience doing the art for the Green River Killer graphic novel from Dark Horse. Check it out!

Stumptown Commission #2

Here’s another commission, and it’s WACKY! This fella came by my table and asked me to do a piece based on the old NES game, Balloon Fight, with which I was not familiar. It’s crazy. Your little guy floats around with a balloon and tries to pop enemy guys’ balloons while avoiding giant fish. As you do.




Stumptown Commision #1

So, this repeat customer comes up to me at Stumptown and says, “Give me your take on Superman (indie guy)”.

I haven’t drawn Superman in ages, but I knew I wanted to go retro. And it’s always better with Lois. So here we are:



Dark Horse Book Announced!

It’s official! The press release for the Green River Killer graphic novel from Dark Horse just came out. It’s a fabulous creator owned story from writer Jeff Jensen, profiling his father’s experience as one of the lead detectives on the Green River case. Heavy stuff, but also a great look into the life of a family man living out the ‘impossible dream’ of capturing one of the most notorious criminals in history.

Oh, and I drew it! I’m just into the last few pages as we speak. I’m likely not approved to show art yet, but at any rate, the cat’s out of the bag, and I’m looking forward to talking more about the project very soon.