September 2011

Relaxing like a Mad Man

Mobile Marketing #2

Bridge City Comics Release Party

Another fun announcement today:

On October 14th, from 6PM-9PM, Bridge City Comics is hosting a book release party for Dear Creature. I’ll be there signing books, maybe doing some sketches, and hob-nobbing. We’ll also have copies of the acclaimed Green River Killer graphic novel from Dark Horse (written by Jeff Jensen and drawn by me), refreshments, and a limited edition print for sale (only 100 copies).

I might even bring some props and costume pieces from the Sea Freak play that started it all. Rest assured, I will not be wearing a costume… If some kid comes up and is like, “WEAR THE MASK”, I’ll make a game-time call, but I can only be so silly. This is comics. This is serious.

It’s all open to the public, so please drop by if you’re in Portland. Bridge City Comics is in a great walking neighborhood, full of fun things to do (and eat). Here’s the address:

3725 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR 97227

I’m really looking forward to it, and hope to see you there!

Commuting like a Mad Man

Mobile Marketing #1.

T-Minus Two Weeks to Launch

I have about two weeks before Dear Creature’s official release on October 11. Very soon, my book will be out in the world, finding its place. It’s an exciting, anxious time.

As Sarah and I rearranged some stuff in our house to make way for baby (the latest work, coming in January), I found some old photos from my play, Sea Freak. This is where the concept for my sea monster love story began.

Ah, zee memories… I remember staying up all night before performance day finishing the ocean-proof monster suit. I had to wear it while making it so all the latex scales would conform to my body shape. The best part was my friend and director, Alex Kamer, having the decency to sew the last few scales onto my butt at 6 in the morning. Poor man.





Today I want to sing praise for Dylan Meconis’s new short comic, Outfoxed. Dylan hit this one out of the park, and I think you should read it. Immediately.

Outfoxed is just what I want out of a comic. Its story is passionate, literate, but told with a light, inviting touch. It quietly demands my attention with a lovely aesthetic, appealing characters, and creative staging.

I’ve been working near Dylan at Periscope Studio for the last few years, and remember seeing her work on the first pages of her graphic novel, Family Man, shortly after I moved to Portland in 2005. By that time, she’d already finished a graphic novel begun in high school, and was well on her way to intimidating comics creators great and small.

This latest work is further proof that she won’t be stopped.

Go read Outfoxed!