Ain’t It Cool News Reviews Dear Creature

I tried to come up with a descriptor for this Ain’t It Cool News review of Dear Creature. Enthusiastic is close. Wild seems about right. At any rate, they love it!

“My words can’t do DEAR CREATURE justice; this book simply must be experienced to be believed … If you or someone in your life loves comics, Shakespeare, schlocky movies or nostalgia for a forgotten era of cinema, DEAR CREATURE is calling you into the murky depths of its greatness.”

A big thanks to Rob Patey.

Back from the Sun

Miami Book Fair was huge fun. Thanks so much to Mitch Kaplan and all the volunteers for a great event.


  • Getting to sign a fan’s baseball (sports redeemed!)
  • Doing a panel with Jeff Jensen and Denis Kitchen on true crime comics
  • Meeting Dean Haspiel’s mom
  • Sprinting through the Miami Airport with Vera Brosgol to acquire key lime pie of legend

That doesn’t scratch the service, and it wasn’t even a 48 hour stay.

Me in my silly hat: