November 2011

New Interview with Steven Padnick

My Tor editor, Steven Padnick, and I did an interview for book review blog The King of Elfland’s Second Cousin. This fella Chris wrote a fantastic review for  Dear Creature, so he invited us to talk shop a bit. If you read it, you can learn Steven Padnick’s fondest desire (other than wishing Batman: Arkham City had a good story):

STEVEN: I wish I had written Casablanca.


STEVEN: Just flat out that is one of the best scripts. Ever. I wish that I’d written it.

CHRIS: Any others? Or Jonathan, any thoughts on your end?

JONATHAN: I like how Steven is editorially concise.

STEVEN: I have go-to answers.

JONATHAN: I love Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove. I love the characters in that book.

STEVEN: That’s a good one too.

JONATHAN: Yeah, it’s one of those stories where its reach almost exceeds its grasp. But you love it anyway. That’s definitely one of my favorites. Moby Dick, because that’s another weird book that works. I like weird things that work.

Chris really likes Dear Creature. Like, maybe more than I do:

“I commend Jonathan Case for this excellent graphic novel. It is very rare to find a storyteller who is able to write something that is at once literary and meta-textual, while remaining touching and hilarious. To then combine that ear for dialog and prose with artistic talent is even rarer. If you enjoy sequential art, then hands down, you should pick up Dear Creature.

And I think that it should be on everybody’s short-list for the Eisner award.”

On Twitter, Steven claims he rambles in this interview. Oh, Steven. What you must think of me.

Tragedy Series

I’ve plugged it on Twitter, but I’ma plug it again: Ben Dewey’s Tragedy Series is one of my favorite things on the internet. He’s sharp as a tack and he draws so well! Especially animals and drapery. I like good drapery.

And he’s PROLIFIC. He does one of these practically every day. Go see them, and look for one of my personal favorites, ‘Triceratops Never Got to See the Ocean’.


Get Down with the Sickness

I’m just recovering from the cold that’s ravaging Portland right now, and playing catch up with all the hubbub of the last few days.

And there’s some very fun hubbub!

For one, Green River Killer was named one of Amazon’s top books of 2011! Very exciting.

Dear Creature also received a couple great reviews by way of the blogosphere:

Dear Creature is an enchanting visual story that said many profound things in so few pages … a true sense of humanity in every character …”

—Tim’s Book Reviews

“… Wonderfully imagined.  The writing is crisp and quirky, complimenting the story, and its art, perfectly.”

–Staffer’s Musings

Giant-Sized Interview

Gavin Lees of Graphic Eye just put up an interview where we talk about a great many things. Books, growing up on a sailboat, the Portland comics community, etc. There’s a lot there on pursuing the arts, breaking into comics, and being generally fortunate.

And it’s HUGE! Read on for unfiltered me:


Green River Killer Process

Dark Horse put up a look at my art process from Green River Killer. Would you like to see how I draw two men in car? Perhaps a puffy ’80s jacket or a coffee mug?