April 2012

Dear Creature Reading TONIGHT

Totally last-minute, because I am like that right now:

I’ll be reading from Dear Creature tonight at 8PM, at the Jack London Bar in downtown Portland. In the mix: hi-res projections of my book’s art, and an acting partner to help me flesh things out: uber-talented comics creator Dylan Meconis! So, if you need entertainment tonight and want to see Dylan’s take on three evil crabs and a large Italian floozy, it’s the THING.

Details here.


The Creep is Out on the Street

If you’re headed to the comic shop today, check out Dark Horse Presents, #11. It contains the first section of my full-color collaboration with the ever-talented John ArcudiTHE CREEP!

Check out the press release, here:



Eisner and Stumptown Award Nominations


Well, look at this. Both my books are up for some awards this season, and you can vote (if you’re a comics pro for some, if you’re anybody for others)! Here’s the scoop:

My book with Jeff Jensen, Green River Killer, is up for two Eisner awards: Best Reality-Based Work, and Best Writer (Go Jeff!). Comics pros vote here.

Both Dear Creature and Green River Killer are up for Stumptown Comics Awards: Best Artist, Best Letterer (GRK), and Best New Talent (Me, for GRK and Dear Creature). Everyone and your relatives vote here.

Also note some of my favorite talents getting the recognition they deserve: Chris Samnee, Dylan Meconis, Vera Brosgol, Gene Yang— they all did great work this year, and deserve your votes!



Emerald City Was GOOD

Back from Emerald City Comic Con, and what a lovely con it was. Good friends, good fans, good sales. I missed my family (first weekend away from baby), but I had David Hahn with me as surrogate kin, so that took away some of the sting. By the way, if you haven’t checked out David’s All Nighter yet, you should. It’s a terrific return to his one-man-show cartooning; my favorite type of David Hahn comic.

A highlight was getting to meet Tom and Charlaine Jensen, and their son Mike. Such sweet people. Tom is the detective behind Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, my book with his son, Jeff. They gave me homemade cookies and a sweet thank you note for my work on the book. I gave them a look at some ridiculous art I drew for a convention attendee whose copy came with 8 pages blank in the middle of the story. Here’s one of the doodles I did in the blank pages.

I also got to do a lot of fun commissions, which you can see over on the Periscope Tumblr. And I got to chat with the amazing Gabriel Hardman, who is, as you know, amazing. I even sold out of Dear Creature books!

Big thanks to everyone who made this such a great con. I’ll definitely be back next year, if for no other reason than trying to outdo Ben Dewey’s success. Give him a round of applause, everyone. He owned that thing.