September 2012

The Creep #1 Signing Tomorrow

The Creep #1

Look at that! A Mike Mignola cover on one of my books. Like most everyone, I love his work, and feel pretty honored to have it gracing The Creep #1.

Tomorrow, you can pick this up, get it signed by moi, and have a beer and something to eat courtesy of Things From Another World on Broadway and 28th, here in Portland. The party starts at 7— head over here for the details.

Sarah’s Painting Complete

It’s done! I set Sarah’s painting aside while I finished my work on The Creep, but I just got a chance to lay down the finishing touches. Since it’s going up in the living room, it’s going to be hard not to take it down and tweak the things that will inevitably start to bug me.

Sarah's Painting Jonathan Case

The final pass over the background was mostly about balancing colors, adding in a little more depth, and covering over the underdrawing. I pretty much decided to wrap things up when Jeff Parker’s kid was over for a visit and said, “Why are you still working on that? It looks done.”

What can you do? Kid says it’s done, it must be done.

Fall Commission Preorders

Firestorm, 10×15 ink and watercolor wash, single figure, $120.

It’s fall convention season, and I’m starting up my commission preorders! Contact me to preorder a commission for New York Comic Con (via paypal), or get on the early-bird list for this weekend’s Rose City Comic Con in Portland.

Here’s the scoop on my rates and options this season.

10×15 (preferred working size)

Pencils (single figure): $50
Inks (single figure): $70
Ink and watercolor wash (single figure): $120


Pencils (single figure): $40
Inks (single figure): $60
Ink and watercolor wash (single figure): $100

If you want more than one full figure or a pretty involved background, it’s just a multiple of my single figure rate. Here are more examples:

Han and Chewie Maintenance, 10×15 ink, double figure, $140.

Rocketeer and Bettie, 8×10 ink, double bust (equals single figure), $60.

Yoda Cuisine, 10×15 ink and watercolor wash, single figure and full background, $240.

See you at the Con!