Batman ’66 #1 in Stores Now

Batman '66 Print

It’s out today! In print! I’m really happy with the way Batman ’66 looks in its print incarnation. The colors reproduced beautifully, and while the bells and whistles of the digital edition are definitely fun, as a comics artist, this is still my preferred way to enjoy comics.

That said, if you want to grab part 3 of the digital run, it’s probably our best use of the technology yet. Get the technology at Comixology. Bat-Rap.

And, to celebrate this release, how about some watercolor commissions? These are hot off my desk and headed out to their new owners today.

Batman and Robin Batgirl_commission

Good Wednesday to you.


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  1. Just got Batman ’66 #1 and the art was so insanely great I had to look you up to compliment you. Can’t wait to see more. You’re ruling it!

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