Mad Men Art

Periscope’s Tumblr sketch blog series continues this week with a Mad Men theme. Sarah and I are actually just watching the series right now, so it would’ve been madly lame to not contribute, especially since I love the early sixties.

I needed to do a little polishing on my GN for the publisher last night, so I whipped this up while waiting for inDesign files to render.

I don’t know what kind of BB gun Mrs. Draper actually shoots on the show, but I’m sure someone will correct me soon enough. Looking down the page, I’m seeing a theme of ladies in sheer things. Must change up my game.

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  1. I’m going to print up some hard copies for the Emerald City convention, so I’d be happy to mail you one! I’m looking into getting an Etsy store started up, so that would make it all the easier.

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