New Painting, Step Four: Fleshing It Out

A lot of progress today on the overall painting (though a lot of that is unseen here). I’m getting close. I expect the next update will be the finished piece. Today’s focus was mostly the scene around her— the fruit, the hanging vines in the foreground, etc. I also did a little more work on her skin, though she’s looking pretty chiseled right now… I may ratchet that back some.

Tomorrow I’m back to work on The Creep, so I’ll have to do a little painting here and there in my off time, but hopefully I’ll get to post the completed work soon! Stay tuned.

Monday painting progress

3 Replies to “New Painting, Step Four: Fleshing It Out”

  1. Seeing these steps makes me think…Is she going to eat those grapes, or what?! (har har) But seriously, looking great, Jonathan, and very informative. I want to track down those favorite pencils you mentioned. I’ve had a good couple of months with the Eberhard Faber col-erase ones , but I’m ready to try something new. Anyhow, just popping by to say Wow! 🙂

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