Portland Monthly — Ink City Illustration

Portland Monthly Ink City Jonathan Case

Just added this Portland Monthly piece to my illustrations and paintings. This was an illustration for their Ink City article, talking about Portland’s thriving comics creators scene. Their article already had a superhero bent to it, but they liked my pitch for a Little Nemo in Slumberland riff well enough to roll that idea into their Best of the City article the next month. I’ll post some of those pieces soon.

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  1. just finished “dear creature” I had to wait for the library holds (3 copies in Vancouver).. graphics are amazing..how you, Jonathan, can draw an emotion in a sideways glance or an eyebrow.. I am re-reading the book now.. more than I saw at first run-through. (or actually the both/and of seeing and reading…) I wish Tony could have shared this with me..great gift !

  2. Thank you for seeking it out, Jane! I was hoping to share the book with Tony myself— his appreciation for comics always warmed my heart.

    Sarah’s really looking forward to seeing you and introducing you to Dorothy… I wish I could tag along. Next time!

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