Siren Serenades Batman, Out Today

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The latest Batman ’66 #6 is out today, and even though it’s not digitally super-enhanced and sort of bears the mark of the beast, it does have some of my best work on the series. I hand-painted a few pages where things get really trippy, and writer Jeff Parker really outdid himself in giving me craaaaaaazy fun stuff to draw this time. It’s my personal favorite so far.

At Comixology for 99 cents.

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  1. How come the three most recent issues released on Comixology don’t have the same digital treatment as the first three? I really enjoyed the way that the earlier issues were put together. I know that it was probably a lot more work, but I think it was worth it!

  2. There’s another enhanced piece coming this month, and I’ll have another one in September, so they’ll keep doing them, just not every time. I agree, it would be great if there were consistency across the series, but it wouldn’t really be possible to do on a weekly basis. To illustrate the required pace, doing a digitally enhanced story every week would mean one artist (by necessity of the process) doing ten pages of layouts, pencils, inks, colors, and digital enhancements (which have to mesh with every preceeding step of the art- hence the requirement of one artist doing everything) before handing it off to Comixology to stitch it all together with their system. 10 pages of pencils alone is more than most artists do in a week.

    I’m pretty fast (up to 20 pages of pencils a week), but even at my best pace, you’d be looking at an 80-120 hour work week. That’s before it gets lettered and stitched together in Comixology.

    So, yeah! It’s super work intensive.

  3. Sure, I understand that it’s a lot more work than a normal comic page. I’m glad to hear that there are more of them coming up! Your hard work is definitely appreciated. 🙂

    In either format the series has been really great, your art and Jeff Parker’s writing is an amazing match.

  4. I just wanted to pop by and say a heartfelt thanks for the incredibly wonderful stuff you’ve done here. The whole issue was a delight but I especially want pretty much every frame of the hallucination sequence framed on my wall, it’s just so vibrant and brilliant. Those colours..!

    Sorry, I’m gushing, I know but damn…what an issue.

  5. Jonathan, I enjoyed your artwork in this issue a lot, epecially the Giant Siren and the Mermaid Siren. (Siren is my all-time favorite Bat-villain, bar none.) I noticed that sometimes Siren looked like Joan Collins, who portrayed her in the series, and sometimes not so much. Were there any rights issues here with not being able to use Joan’s likeness more consistently, or did you just want to go in a different direction? Like I said, a few of the drawings looked very much like Joan when she was a starlet at Fox in the late 1950s.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  6. Hi J.P.- We actually didn’t have rights to her likeness at all, so I based her on a different face. It’s unfortunate that we can’t get rights to the actors across the board, mainly for the sake of making me look better. 🙂 It’s confusing for readers, who go in expecting the extended cast to be there, when we don’t have rights to most of them.

  7. Jonathan, thanks for answering. That;s too bad that you folks couldn’t get the rights to Joan Collins’ likeness. It would have been so nice to see her as a comics character. Oh, well. You did a great job compensating, IMO. Thanks again and I hope to see The Siren again.

  8. I love the “Batman ’66 series!” Congratulations to the entire creative team. You have made Batman fun again!

    Three quick questions:

    1. I saw your commissioned depiction of the 1960’s TV Batgirl. Beautiful!! Will Batgirl be appearing in the series? (to quote the Joker, “I hope, I hope, I hope!”

    2. I’ve always believed one of the main reasons for the popularity of the TV show was the deathtrap cliffhangers. So far there haven’t really been any deathtraps in the new series. Do you know if the writers have any plans to incorporate that element of the TV show into the new comic?

    3. Was that Minerva on Sandman’s arm at the end of the Siren story or just an anonymous moll?

    Thank you for your fantastic artwork and for communicating with your fans!

  9. Glad you’re enjoying ’66! As far as death traps and the like- for legal reasons I don’t entirely understand, we can’t replicate certain aspects of the show too directly.

    That’s a good guess about Minerva. Maybe!

  10. I liked seeing Kathy Kane as Batwoman in Batman’s hallucination. Will Batwoman make an official appearence in Batman ’66 or is that it?

  11. Considering the number of (cough) middle-aged readers who purchase digital copies of this comic (and nothing else), DC might do well to use this title to introduce readers to other retro or humor projects. This Mysteryman fellow, for example…maybe the caped crusaders run into the 1960’s version of him (not sure whether the Adam West Bats is pro or anti-McCarthy)

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