As an illustrator, I try to stay up on technological progress. Whether I work in traditional media, digital media, or both, tech is necessary to deliver art to the world. This page exists to provide answers to people who wonder what tools I use and how I use them.

Over the last few years, art-making technology has made huge leaps, especially in the portable scene (both tablet PCs and iPad/Android tablets). Given that, some info in these old posts will be outdated, but several points hold true:

  1. You want a powerful system with plenty of RAM to do print-ready work at high resolutions and high color depth.

  2. File management, color space management, and workflow customization is still best on a PC/Mac versus an iPad or Android tablet. The difference becomes less every year, but there’s still lots of progress that needs to happen before those ultra-portable, sleek devices can create media as well as they consume it - at least on their own.

  3. Traditional media isn't going anywhere, both for the sake of the artist’s enjoyment and the speed/quality you can achieve with certain media applications. For example: A natural media watercolor wash still looks better than a digital stand-in, and is often just as fast to achieve in ‘meat-space.’

With all that said, here's a collection of my art tool reviews and other related ramblings:

Art Tech/Tools Posts


Above: Me, circa 2013 doing my tablet computer thing in a video by Intel. An embarrassing title, but a nice video.