Website Updated (AGAIN!)

Remember earlier this year when I refreshed my website?

Probably not, because the refresh lasted exactly one blog post… I’d given the site a fresh coat of Wordpress paint, but a few months later, Wordpress turned agin’ me. I’d lived too long in apathy towards it, and it lashed out, breaking here, breaking there - breaking itself everywhere. After installing numerous plugins taped on other plugins to address yet other malfunctioning plugins, I declared my old partner defunct, and gained further insight about myself. I do NOT want to be a web developer. A freelance whatever-I-am is too complicated already. So farewell, Wordpress. Hello, Squarespace. We’ll see how this goes! So far, so good.

Actually, that’s only half the tale of this month’s technological disasters. Just in October, I’ve had nearly ALL my technology fail, including my work computer, my old backup work computer, and my smartphone. At the peak of this chaos, I took a breather with Sarah and the girls and drove up to Washougal, WA to visit friends. Very restful. Then, on our way back to Portland, as we turned west onto HWY 14, we saw an old man in a truck. He was facing east, waiting behind several other cars to turn north onto the same street we were just departing. I don’t know why, but for some reason that old man, who was nowhere near us, felt the need to roll down his window and flip the bird to us while screaming profanities. We still can’t figure out what, if anything, we could have done to negatively impact his life. Maybe he just hates young families in blue Subarus. Whatever it was, the mystery of his breakdown shall never be solved, and although this man was flesh, and my computers, phone, and website are zeros and ones, I’ll always think of him as this month’s mascot.

Over the Garden Wall Distillatoria.jpg

Moving forward to what’s positive - I’m excited that my new book, Over the Garden Wall: Distillatoria (BOOM!) will be out next month. Jim Campbell did a beautiful job drawing it, and I had way too much fun writing it. Somehow the script flowed out in a way that I’ve never had a script flow out before. Maybe it was working with someone else’s characters, or maybe it was the clarity I had on the story itself… Maybe you’ll think - FLOWED OUT, HUH? IT SHOWS! But I hope if you’re a fan of that show (and you should be!), that you’ll enjoy it. Here’s a link to where you can preorder. It comes out November 27th.

That’s it for now.