Apocalypse Now and Winnie the Pooh

I read Winnie the Pooh over the weekend, and realized what a brilliant piece of work it is. It's concise in its language and scope, but communicates this huge love for some pretty rough-around-the-edges characters. It's very comforting.

At the age I should have been reading about the silly old bear, I was watching Apocalypse Now with my dad and older brothers. Weird stuff for an eight-year-old, and pretty much as inverse to Pooh as you get. Beyond the content difference, there's just the narrative style discrepancy. Apocalypse Now takes its not-so-sweet time.

I remember inviting my third-grade friends over to watch Martin Sheen traipse through the jungle wonderland for three hours, in search of the slow talking bald man. These friends got bored and started wrestling about 30 minutes in. Channeling Brando's God complex, I chastised them and directed their attention back to The Horror.

I watched the movie again this weekend, the same time I was reading Winnie the Pooh, and I completely forgot about the video mashup of the two properties I saw a few years back. Something must have been going on at a subconscious level this weekend... At any rate, someone was kind enough to put the content of my brain on Youtube: