Back to the Drawing Board

What a month. Between promoting my books, taking baby birthing classes with Sarah, and starting up three simultaneous comics projects with Dark Horse (while trying to maintain forward momentum on my next book), I'm pretty well ready to narrow my focus. This week's trip up to Seattle was great. The train is the only way to fly, and the University Bookstore signing was a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone that came out for the Monster Lecture! Sarah and I got a few hours the next day to meander through Seattle, so we went to Pike's Place and put together a picnic (that was a lot of P's!) for the train ride home.

We also got to stop in at Golden Age Collectibles (America's Oldest Comics Shop!), meet the staff, and sign a copy of Green River Killer. I remember frequenting that shop when I was just getting into comics and living up in the Seattle area, post-college. I didn't completely realize it while we were there, but that return visit as a comics professional sort of represents the end of a chapter in my career. Like in Lonesome Dove, where Captain Call comes back to the little village after his far-ranging adventure. Only, I made a bunch of friends along the way, rather than losing them to snakebites, hangin', and gangrenous legs.

That's a win for me, Captain Call.