Batman '66 is a Bestseller

"We're #1, chum."  

Thanks to everyone who turned out in Ben-Day dotted droves this week to make Batman '66 the #1 selling comic on Comixology! I'm sitting here typing in my underwear, but in my mind, I'm on a giant float with Jeff Parker, going down some major city boulevard, surrounded by confetti, in my underwear.

Seriously, response has been fantastic. Here's a blurb-fest:

"Batman '66 is the best Batman comic in years." 10 out of 10 - Starburst Magazine

"Batman '66 is nothing short of brilliant." 9.8 out of 10 - IGN

"...Without question my favorite DC book of the year..." - ComicsAlliance

"It’s the most fun you’ll have with words and pictures today... It's stellar stuff." - iFanboy

"Batman ‘66 #1 is a wonderful comic." -Nerdspan

You best be geared up for the next part, out tomorrow. Because, Catwoman.