Eisner and Stumptown Award Nominations

  Well, look at this. Both my books are up for some awards this season, and you can vote (if you're a comics pro for some, if you're anybody for others)! Here's the scoop:

My book with Jeff Jensen, Green River Killer, is up for two Eisner awards: Best Reality-Based Work, and Best Writer (Go Jeff!). Comics pros vote here.

Both Dear Creature and Green River Killer are up for Stumptown Comics Awards: Best Artist, Best Letterer (GRK), and Best New Talent (Me, for GRK and Dear Creature). Everyone and your relatives vote here.

Also note some of my favorite talents getting the recognition they deserve: Chris Samnee, Dylan Meconis, Vera Brosgol, Gene Yang— they all did great work this year, and deserve your votes!