Get Down with the Sickness

I'm stuck in bed right now with some sort of bug. But does it stop me from inking? Nay! Just have to remember to lift up the brush before I sneeze, turn head away from artwork, ka-bam, and I'm back to mustaches and suits. For that is what I am inking today. Lots of mustaches.

The plus side of being sick is the crazy dreams. You get some of the best material- or at least it seems like it's the best at the time. Like the one I had about my friend Felipe turning into a paint-tube lizard, lying in a field next to a 60s waitress in a pink dress.

Who was it that said only bores talk about their dreams? Was that in an Antonioni movie? I think you're boring, Antonioni.

Must be out in the world again. Maybe this is just me getting it over with before the upcoming Emerald City Con. Usually it's post hundreds-o-handshakes that I get like this. Which reminds me, I have to buy my train ticket.

Then back to the march of mustaches!