Glowing Review from Paul Goat Allen on B&N

Here's a bright spot in my day! A fantastic review for Dear Creature from Paul Goat Allen on B&N. Paul reviews for Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and the Chicago Tribune, and he loves Dear Creature. I'm grateful. Here's a snippet:

"The black-and-white illustrations were just masterful – it never ceases to amaze me how elite artists can convey so much with so little. Panel after panel, writer/illustrator Case skillfully develops numerous peripheral characters (like gung ho policeman Henry Craw and his inept protégé Larry), conveys complex emotions, and creates undeniably rich atmospherics.

Although Dear Creature was visually compelling, it’s the narrative that made this graphic novel such an unforgettable read. Here’s a perfect example. Grue vows to stop killing and consuming humans – with little support from his invertebrate friends.

Grue: “The only patient spirit I’ll meet is they that cast these telling bottles into the brine! As with the more I read, my bloodlust doth recede, so shall a contact with its source defeat the urge withal… I’m sure of it!”

Crab 1: “Uhy…”

Crab 2: “Prom night is coming.”

I loved this book, especially the ending. Stylistically, it brought me right back to the days of my youth when I used to love watching B-horror movies like Attack of the 50-Foot Woman and The Blob – except in this story, the monster doesn’t eat the girl, he gets the girl! Dear Creature was a fabulous read that gives all of the human monsters out there (myself included) hope that even in a world obsessed with superficiality, anyone can find true love, even if you’re a radioactive sea mutant…"

Thanks you, Mr. Allen!

If you'd like to read the full review, head over here.