Haiti Sketch

Here's a sketch I did last year in Haiti. We had a large team at that time, so there were plenty of opportunities to sketch in the clinic while other non-medical grunts staffed the pharmacy.

I felt self conscious about sketching people at what's essentially a doctor's appointment, but they had nothing against it, and given my lack of practical skills, it was nice to be able to contribute something at a higher level. A few people asked for portraits. The most popular was my drawing of Delamy, our Haitian program lead. For some reason, seeing their stoic leader reduced to brush strokes was uproarious for the Haitian staff. One guy glanced at the drawing and just toppled to the floor like someone had decked him.

I gave the drawing to Delamy's wife, Elvira, so if it's somehow a source of comical disrespect of her husband, she can hide it away accordingly.