High Culture and Me

This last Monday I had the privilege of attending a preview night at the Portland Opera, along with about twenty other comics artists. The Opera company set us up with pre-show drinks and appetizers, a backstage tour, and then set us to work drawing the show. It was great fun, and terrific chance to cross-pollinate with some fancier forms of local arts culture. Here are some of mine, but check out the other work at the Opera link above! [nggallery id=6]

Between this and the Maryhill Museum's comics exhibition, we're feeling rather posh. If you're in Portland and looking for a fun day trip, head out just past the Dalles on i-84 and take in one of the craziest, loveliest museums you've ever seen.

Their current exhibition showcases a huge amount of Portland comics talent (I have a Sea Freak page up there), but they also have a great collection of Rodin, some crazy French fashion mini-mannequins, a whole section of Native American crafts and tools... Plus, there's a lot of good wineries nearby, to round out your afternoon with a tasting or two.

It's spectacula like Dracula!