Japan Relief Auction - Get Some Original Art!

Hey art lovers! I'm finally getting on board the Periscope auction for Japan relief. Now's your chance to get some fabulous original art and feel even better about where your dollars are going! All monies go to Peace Winds Japan via Mercy Corps. Check out Aaron McConnell's fantastic Super Frog piece! So what ever am I going to do, I asked myself. What could compete with Dustin's Akira, or Ben Dewey's Seven Samuari?


Well, for my money, you can't beat that dearly benevolent Mothra and his Mothra twins. Yes, remember them? Creepily small and mysterious. And who better to serve as a symbol of hope in Japan's hour of need?

My Mothra Twins watercolor here will be going up for auction right here on Monday, April 4th.


Start your bidding engines!