New Page for Praise/Reviews

This season has been full of great press for Dear Creature and Green River Killer, so I've organized it in an easily accessible page here on the site. Here are a couple of the more recent items:

Dear Creature:

"... Surpasses many of the comics and graphic novels being published today ... An excellent book, far better than an author/artist’s debut graphic novel has any right to be."


"... A perfect marriage of storytelling and art ... A stunning debut graphic novel mixing an inventive mutant creature story with retro comic realism."

—Shelf Awareness

"Dear Creature, the debut novel from Jonathan Case is pretty much perfect. A witty and sweet mashup of old monster comics and ill-fated love stories, you should buy it if you have the chance."



Green River Killer:

"Read this one with the lights on."

—G4 Attack of the Show Feature

“…Strong stuff that can stand with the best true-crime stories in any medium.”

—The Onion A.V. Club


For the full rundown of love for these books, head here.