Olympia Timberland Library Visit

I'm back from the land of Newdad with news of an upcoming event: On February 29th (because how could we NOT do something with the leap?) I'll be at the Olympia Timberland Library at 7:30 PM for discussion, signing, and hello-how-are-yous. Can you tell I'm a little loopy? Baby. Blame baby. I sleep quite a bit, but the baby-hits put my mind in another place. It's like that penultimate scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey all the time.

ANYWAY. Here's a fantastic poster that the library put together.

A bunch of other fun events are on the horizon too. Emerald City Comic Con (Where I will have another piece in their Monsters and Dames book), Stumptown, and the new Rose City Comic Con later in the year. But you already knew that because you saw the side-bar, which is fantastically convenient for keeping up with me.

Now that I'm back from Newdad, there are a ton of great project-related things I need to talk about too, mostly to do with Dark Horse, but for now, I must go work on them, and find time to get Sarah a valentine. LIFE!