The Creep, and a Thank You

Dark Horse Presents #13 is out today, with the next installment of The Creep, by John Arcudi, art by me. The story gets particularly interesting at this point, as I get to venture from the established 80's Manhattan setting and go even further with the art technique shakeup. This finishes up our run in DHP, with complete issues coming soon (with covers from some comics' favorite creators— pretty fun!). This has been a good project during a hard season of life. Along with gaining a baby and losing a brother earlier in the year, I had to make up for a pretty good chunk of lost time on the schedule. Throw in a few side-projects and mix to equal one maxed-out me. Dark Horse and my comics community have been really supportive through it all, which is appreciated. It reminds me of why I felt drawn to a career in comics: more than the work itself, I appreciate the people behind the work. Some of the kindest people you'll find.

Alright, I'm done with the mush. It's Wednesday, and the sun is out in Portland. Go buy comics.