Writing and writing tools

Today I'm finishing up an outline for a graphic novel, and having a great time with it. I have two books slated for publication this Fall; one original to me and one for which I've done artwork... The latter has taken up most of my work time this last year, but at least one day a week I've been writing and developing my next personal book, which I look forward to sharing soon. So, when you can't talk a lot about any of your projects, what do you talk about? Tools.

A cool program I stumbled upon recently is Celtx, a preproduction software suite that's open source (i.e., FREE). It streamlines script formatting in a big way, which is mostly what I do with it. It knows to say Page X, Panel X, Character X, every time I hit return, which is a beautiful thing after using Word for years. It also does storyboard layouts, film and animation workflow stuff, cloud-sharing... a lot of things I'll never use, but are pretty nice to find in an open source product.

Is good!